It was a mixture of emotion when I finally found my name among those who qualified as Psychometrician, exempted from taking the licensure exam. The next thing to look forward to is getting the actual ID from PRC. And so, last Friday, I braved the heavy traffic from Laguna to Manila to file my requirements to get my license. I left after lunch and arrived 4pm, just one hour from closing time.

I had all the requirements with me and proceeded to Window12 where I had my requirements checked. The lady instructed me to fill up some missing info and paste my ID pictures on the forms. She said "Pakidikit po ng ID dito.Doon po may pandikit sa kabilang side." She was referring to the long table where they had available glue. I noticed how they find pleasure in making people go back and forth because the lady in front of me went back several times already.

So, I did not leave the counter like what other people did and made her see that I had a gigantic glue with me to paste my picture. Then, she asked me to pay and so, I did. Then, I went back to her and she asked me to fill up some info again. At this point, she didn't tell me that I needed a short brown envelope to place all the documents. I just observed the lady who approached the window, trying to catch her breath with a brown envelope organizing her requirements, too.

When, I was done writing, I politely asked the lady in Window 12, "Kelangan po ba ng brown envelope?" And she said "Opo, meron po dun sa...." Before she even finished her sentence, I pulled out a short brown envelope from my bag! And in my mind, I was saying "Ha! I am not going back and forth just like what you did to those who were ahead of me!"

At this point, the Window 12 lady was telling the other girl beside me, "Pakisulat po ng kumpletong pangalan at Profession." The girl was trying to find her pen. But, soon as I heard the instruction, I brought out my PENTEL PEN and wrote my complete name at the back of the envelope "ALMANZA, CHRISTINE MARIE W. PSYCHOMETRICIAN." After I finished writing, the girl beside me borrowed my pentel pen. I gladly lent her, and at the back of mind pitied her because I've seen how she went back and forth getting stuff from outside. We even had a small chit chat after that because she asked me if I know anything about oath taking sched. We exchanged numbers and I asked her from what school she's working. Surprisingly, she's just from around the corner like those "tamaraws" in the field. Hehehe. Again, I thought to myself, she's just from a nearby school and yet, it was as if she went to battle unarmed. Most of all, she allowed that PRC employee to make her go in and out (e.g. Get envelope, paste, etc).

This is not to boast about what I did but to thank my handy glue, pen, pentel pen and stapler! Haha! Seriously, its frustrating for a taxpayer to receive the kind of service from a government employee. I felt that they find satisfaction when they tell you to do this and that, when they can actually give complete instruction all at the same time! 

I am not a perfect girl scout. In fact, I tend to be forgetful, too. But, whenever I go to government offices, I make sure I have everything with me to save myself from disappoinment.

After my PRC transaction, I found myself spending another three hours in traffic to get home from Manila to Laguna. What can I say? Its more fun in the Philippines, indeed! 


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