Tagaytay Road Trip

View of Taal
It was just an ordinary Saturday when we drove to Tagaytay. It has long been planned but Voltaire, being a new driver did not have the guts back then. So, this is a major achievement for him as he drove to Tagaytay.

Our original itinerary was just Bag of Beans and Taal Vista. So, we took off around 9am and headed on to our first destination to grab our early lunch at Bag of Beans. There were a lot of tourists by that time which was a blessing in disguise as we have to maintain the moderate speed.

It was generally a smooth sailing drive to Bag of Beans. At first, we felt like we were lost but thanks to google map that we found it a few meters away from the busy commercial area. Parking to Bag of Beans was quite tricky though because we had to drive down and we thought of the difficult way up considering Voltaire's driving skills.

So, we parked his car and went inside the restaurant. It has changed a lot since the last time I visited the place. They had a buffet area already and a separate area for those ordering ala carte meals. It was more cozy; I love the wooden furnitures  and homey-feel. We ordered pasta meals and iced tea which were very filling. We also bougtht some goodies from the bakery. Vo got some raisin bread and I bought a pack of Robusta ground coffee.
Front door of Bag of Beans

pasta meal from Bag of Beans

After the satisfying meal, we headed off to Taal Vista. It was indeed one of the prime hotels in the area. I couldn't say much about the place except that everything was EXCELLENT. The staff were very warm and accommodating. It has the perfect spot for viewing the beautiful Taal Volcano. The hotel itself was very impressive with modern and vintage elements altogether. The buffet meal was superb but we also ordered snacks from TWG restaurant. It was a very nice experience to set foot at Taal Vista. We even spotted an ongoing wedding photoshoot. In the evening, they have an outdoor movie which I highly recommend to families. 
Taal Vista Hotel

clubhouse sandwich from TWG
TWG menu
wedding photoshoot at Taal Vista

View of Skyranch from Taal Vista
Skyranch was just a few meters away from Taal Vista, so we took a short walk to check out the amusement park. I would say there isn't so much. But the huge ferris wheel would definitely give you a good view of Taal.  It was really a place where kids and kid-At-heart would enjoy.

huge ferris wheel at Skyranch
Tomas the Train at Skyranch
horseback riding at Skyranch
If you need a breath of fresh air, Tagaytay is one of the most relaxing places. There are many restaurants and coffee shops that you can hang out either with your friends or families. I am truly grateful that we were able to drive back and forth safe and sound...'til our next adventure! 😄


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