R & R at Basseri de Lipa

I was fortunate enough to join a workshop slash short weekend getaway last March 29-30 (Saturday to Sunday). It was at Baserri de Lipa in Batangas. Baserri is actually a Spanish word "cesario vasco" or a kind of stone-built housebarn farmhouse. No wonder the place was called Baserri de Lipa because it was indeed like a farmhouse or vacaion house. The place was surrounded by coconut trees and mountain view. There were swimming pools, chapel and restaurant. It can be a great place for holding celebrations such as wedding, birthday party, family reunion, or just a weekend getaway.

 For our group, we were around 20 persons and accommodated in one big house with a private pool. The house had a very pleasant ambiance designed with wooden and native furniture. The two-storey house we stayed in had three rooms. One room at the ground floor and two rooms on the second floor. I was assigned at the masters bedroom which can fit like 10 to 15 persons with one big bathroom and a veranda.

Meanwhile, the restaurant was generally clean and orderly. Its actually ideal if you want to hold an indoor party for a small group. The other part of the restaurant had a sort of gazebo or an open space for larger groups.  Food serving was per plate enough for one person with a small apetite; and overall quality would be a little over the average. Good thing there was water dispenser although you can order sodas in can separately. There were variants of ice cream too. But, expect to pay a little over the regular prize. A soda would cost 50pesos (double the usual price) probably to compensate for the cost of transporting goods since the place is very private and a bit far from the city proper.

My overall rating of the place would be 3.5 out of 5. I recommend this for family and friends who would like to spend some quiet retreat. But, I hope they add more amenities or sports area and probably some more cabanas to hang out aside from the house itself. Price is quite competitive, check out their published rates. Baserri de Lipa is a good alternative if you want to spend some quality time and if you don't feel like hitting the beach.


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