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R & R at Basseri de Lipa

I was fortunate enough to join a workshop slash short weekend getaway last March 29-30 (Saturday to Sunday). It was at Baserri de Lipa in Batangas. Baserri is actually a Spanish word "cesario vasco" or a kind of stone-built housebarn farmhouse. No wonder the place was called Baserri de Lipa because it was indeed like a farmhouse or vacaion house. The place was surrounded by coconut trees and mountain view. There were swimming pools, chapel and restaurant. It can be a great place for holding celebrations such as wedding, birthday party, family reunion, or just a weekend getaway.

 For our group, we were around 20 persons and accommodated in one big house with a private pool. The house had a very pleasant ambiance designed with wooden and native furniture. The two-storey house we stayed in had three rooms. One room at the ground floor and two rooms on the second floor. I was assigned at the masters bedroom which can fit like 10 to 15 persons with one big bathroom and a veranda…