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Review of Online Purchase at

I have tried purchasing several products online back when there was the social media site Multiply. Last Thursday, just out of curiosity, I ordered a Cherry Mobile 7-inch tablet from This is in replacement for an old android tablet that my mom broke a few months back. She's more familiar with using the tablet rather than computer as it was her source of entertainment (being a retiree and stay at home).

What I liked most about
1. Prices were fair enough to say that items were discounted. 2. They have many payment options. 3. Hassle-free transaction 4. Free delivery charge for items Php 1000 and above.
I chose to pay via Cash-on-Delivery because I got rid of my credit card already and I did not have time to do bank deposit transaction. So, I filled-up the information at Lazada website and it was as easy as counting 1-2-3.
The following day, Friday around 10am I received an SMS from the courier verifying my address. I was really surprised that it took …