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Picnic at Nuvali: A First for 2014

I consider this as my first blog after a long time of not writing blog entries. It's the first day of the year 2014 and I am just so proud to share a new experience. Well, Nuvali is a budding eco-business hub here in the South. For first time visitors, Nuvali can be a really cool place for hanging out, dining, venue for events and other family activities like, PICNIC! But for someone like me who passes by the area every single day, it could just be another ordinary place where I can drop by and do my personal errands.

However, on the 1st day of the new year, I finally experienced sharing a hearty lunch under the shade of the trees along Nuvali. It was a very fine start of the year matched with the great, breezy weather. So, after hearing the Holy Mass, "somebody" suggested that we drive to Nuvali and go on an impromptu picnic. We drove to the nearest Jollibee branch and bought chicken meals. Mr. Somebody had fruit salad and fruits from their house but it will not be eno…