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Phaidon Beach Resort: Exclusivity and Unlimited Beach Bumming Experience

Part of our Antique-Boracay tour is a beach bumming session at Phaidon Beach Resort. After falling in love with Malumpati Spring, we were in awe upon seeing the clear and exclusive beach front area of Phaidon Beach Resort. When we arrived, we paid an entrance fee of php 60 per person and this includes the rental for the cottage. 
The owner said that Phaidon Beach Resort is the other side of Boracay. I surely agree with her because we had the beach all to ourselves --- no stressful crowd, no boats on the shore and no noisy parties. The peaceful, serene water was just awaiting visitors to plunge in. Of course, the sand is more fine in Boracay but sand at Phaidon Beach Resort is still comparable to it. The water was so clear, too! The moment we arrived at the resort, we dropped off our things at the cottage and immediately ran off to swim in the enticing beach. 

Due to our excitement that we were the only ones on the beach, we didn't notice sea urchins lurking in the water. We found on…