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Malumpati Spring Resort in Pandan Antique: Undiscovered Haven

Pandan, Antique is such an idyllic tourist spot which deserves a separate blog entry. In this way, I can also share the beautiful pictures of the tourist spots we visited. Pandan is a municipality of Antique with a total of 34 barangays. Based on my observation, livelihood is from from arts and crafts, fishing and farming. Again, I would like to thank our hostess in our Pandan, Antique tour, our dear Accountant - Ms. Marnie for welcoming us in their ancestral home.

It took us around 30-45 minutes from Caticlan port to reach Ms. Marnie's place in Pandan. We ate breakfast and prepared for our tour at Malumpati Spring Resort and visit at Phaidon Beach Resort. We rented out a van because each area was quite far from the other. There were tricycles available, and perhaps can be rented out as well. It took us about another 30-45 minutes to reach Malumpati Spring Resort. It was a mixture of rough and smooth road. When we got to the place, we paid the Php 10/person entrance fee and cottage…

Antique-Boracay Escapade

Finally, I can update my blog after an unforgettable backpacker's trip with my office friends. Last April 18 to 21, we experienced our much awaited trip to Boracay. Originally, we were only aiming to set foot at Boracay but, our beloved Accountant volunteered to tour us around her hometown since she will be going on vacation on the same dates. So, our Boracay escapade was upgraded into Antique-Boracay route. Here are the details of our tour. . .
Day 00 - April 18 (Friday)
At 5pm right on the dot, we all stepped out of our offices and headed to Batangasport to make it on time for the 9pm departure. However, due to the large volume of 2go passengers, our ETD was delayed and we were able to leave the port at around past 10pm (I cannot remember exactly). It was my second time to ride 2go but I was shocked that couples, families, group of students and all sorts or people filled up the waiting area at Batangas port. The good thing about sailing during summer is that, the sea was more calm…