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What to do: Rescheduled Skype Interview

This is actually an update of my previous post about my recent oDesk interview experience. After the first video chat interview over skype, I was turned over for another video chat interview with the owner of the company who is based in Canada. The  interview went okay as I gave him a background of what I do and what I like to do as well as my long term goals. After that, he explained that it will be the first time that they will hire an academic researcher so, they will need someone who has access to online databases and university library which is actually my advantage over the other candidates. The owner also suggested a few management books that I might want to read about because I'll be writing articles similar to those printed in Harvard Business Review magazine. The work sounds promising and I thought it was something I can engage into for a long time if in case I really need to leave my full time job. He even asked how much I was earning in my full time job though he said …