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oDesk Interview Experience

Skype Voice Calls Work on iPad with Everyman Headset (Photo credit: stevegarfield)In my quest to finally land on a full time online job, I've been applying to oDesk jobs recently. Most of the jobs I apply to are about article writing, website content writing, research and social media management. Luckily, there were a few interview schedules and it inspired me to create this blog entry.

When you get an invitation for an interview on oDesk, clients have their own definition of "interview". It's either you are invited to simply chat, chat with video or voice chat only. So, it's important to clarify these things to the client so that you can prepare well especially if they will require you for a video chat interview. Clients who invite you for an interview usually asks for your Skype account and/or gmail. 

The odesk client for this recent interview invitation for a research assistant post asked for my skype ID. She sent me a link to her online appointment calendar and…