Phaidon Beach Resort: Exclusivity and Unlimited Beach Bumming Experience

Phaidon Beach Resort - beach front area
Part of our Antique-Boracay tour is a beach bumming session at Phaidon Beach Resort. After falling in love with Malumpati Spring, we were in awe upon seeing the clear and exclusive beach front area of Phaidon Beach Resort. When we arrived, we paid an entrance fee of php 60 per person and this includes the rental for the cottage. 

The owner said that Phaidon Beach Resort is the other side of Boracay. I surely agree with her because we had the beach all to ourselves --- no stressful crowd, no boats on the shore and no noisy parties. The peaceful, serene water was just awaiting visitors to plunge in. Of course, the sand is more fine in Boracay but sand at Phaidon Beach Resort is still comparable to it. The water was so clear, too! The moment we arrived at the resort, we dropped off our things at the cottage and immediately ran off to swim in the enticing beach. 
clear, calm water but beware of sea urchins

Due to our excitement that we were the only ones on the beach, we didn't notice sea urchins lurking in the water. We found one and another and another....they were all just right in front of Phaidon Beach Resort. So, we walked a bit to a vacant property which was said to be owned by Loren Legarda. We also had fun joking around and sharing laughter while doing "photo shoot" sessions. 

Here's a list of what I love about Phaidon Beach Resort:

1. It was not crowded.
2. The place was squeaky clean.
3. It was cozy.
4. We ordered instant coffee priced at php 35 per cup, which is reasonable enough (for me).
5. We had the opportunity to take a peek in one of their rooms and it was nice with welcoming atmosphere and very clean. 

What I think needs improvement would be:

1. The sea urchins are everywhere. This is due to the fishermen who are in the other side of the property and they unintentionally bring in the sea urchins as they catch fishes.
2. The lounge area at the beach front area can be used but charged of rental fee. I didn't ask for the price anymore. It was just disappointing because if you were a guest for a longer stay, you'll have to rent the lounge area. That's a bit disappointing.
3. They didn't want us to enter the comfort room after swimming on the beach. It was indirectly implied because the staff kept on pointing out that there was a hose for washing our feet instead of going inside the comfort room.
4. The location of the resort is quite far from the city proper. So, if you want to go some place, you'll have to rent out their van or have a tricycle rented out for touring around Pandan. 
cottage 1

cottage 2

cottage in front of the resort



lounge area (for rent)

Overall, I find Phaidon Beach Resort a very exclusive and close to a perfect beach bumming escape away from the noisy crowd of Boracay. Another twist in your Visayas region tour. I'd give it a rating of 3.5 out of 5. :)

fishermen in the nearby property

fresh catch

pulling the net

children collecting shells for their dinner
beautiful sunset at Phaidon Beach Resort

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  1. I also want to travel there in Boracay. I hope there are deals in Manila that I can avail like this.

    1. Hi Pierre! Just plan your trip ahead of time so you can manage the finances and watch out for airfare deals. It's also cheaper to travel when you are with a group of friends. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  2. wow that looks amazing those pictures

  3. good blog, but I stayed there a couple of days and there is NO fees at all when you check in. And by the way a Comfort room is not a shower room, please respect it to other visitors. good and nice pics.

    1. Thanks anonymous. Just to clarify, we weren't looking for a shower room actually, we wanted to use the toilet but it seems we're not allowed to do so because the staff kept on pointing out that we have to wash our feet so the CR won't get dirty with sand. We didn't check in but we only visited the place to hang out at the beach and we ordered drinks from their restaurant. We were charged for the cottage but it was minimal.

  4. we'll be checking out the place and the Malumpati Spring on Thursday.. thanks for the heads up.. :D

    1. Thanks Beelangavertz! Here's the what I think about Malumpati Spring...


  5. Nice review, but still there did a lot of positive changes. For the daily visitors they charge P 50, but it is consumable, so actually no fee at all. Also they adjusted 2 shower sections for the beach hopper, so no more worry. We stayed here for 3 nights, and if you stay you have beach beds, gazebos, Wi-fi for free. And at least there was no sea urchins at all, very clean beach and surrounding.

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