What to do: Rescheduled Skype Interview

 This is actually an update of my previous post about my recent oDesk interview experience. After the first video chat interview over skype, I was turned over for another video chat interview with the owner of the company who is based in Canada. The  interview went okay as I gave him a background of what I do and what I like to do as well as my long term goals. After that, he explained that it will be the first time that they will hire an academic researcher so, they will need someone who has access to online databases and university library which is actually my advantage over the other candidates. The owner also suggested a few management books that I might want to read about because I'll be writing articles similar to those printed in Harvard Business Review magazine. The work sounds promising and I thought it was something I can engage into for a long time if in case I really need to leave my full time job. He even asked how much I was earning in my full time job though he said it was just out of curiosity. Although, deep inside I think he was assessing that if the project goes well then, they can pay me full time thus, matching the rate with how much I was earning currently. At the end of the interview, I was left with some assignments:

1. to email my curriculum vitae
2. to send him a list of online databases I have access
3. to list down management reference books dated 2010 onwards which are available in our university library

After that, I'll be scheduled for another round of interview so we can have more to talk about that is related to management or more like "getting down to the real business". So, I did my assignments and set another date for the second round of interview which I had to do online through a link that was sent to me. There were two major incidents which made me think thoroughly and left me in a dilemma. 

First, the skype interview kept on being rescheduled. I made major adjustments just to make it on time as we were on a different timezones. Even though, I had my fair share of confusion with the timezone and missing out on the original schedule (just one time), I think to reschedule an interview which has been hanging for 2 consecutive weeks was way too over for me. The excitement about the potential project was there. It was actually something I was very interested in and something I am passionate about so, I was hoping that it was going to push through.

Second, the company owner sounds like a bit skeptical on how updated the university libraries here in the Philippines are. According to him, I may have access to online databases and reference books but he needs updated materials (as if assuming that we just depend on second hand books from western countries).I would have bragged about how updated our university library is but, I know it would mean nothing to him (unless he personally witness the newly built Henry Sy Hall Building in Taft) and I didn't want to lose this opportunity arguing about this stuff.

In the end, I decided to just to let it go. He even told me that he thinks I have great potential but our schedule just does not always seem to agree. On my end, it was a bit difficult because I already invested a lot of effort to adjust to his schedule. So, more than 3 times of rescheduled interview is too much more so, frustrating. Lastly, if he tends to underestimate the educational system (or at least the capability of our schools to update the library materials), he might treat my work output in the same way. It was quite sad but, that's just how odesk application works.

Nevertheless, my online job hunting goes on....

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