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Skype Voice Calls Work on iPad with Everyman Headset (Photo credit: stevegarfield)
In my quest to finally land on a full time online job, I've been applying to oDesk jobs recently. Most of the jobs I apply to are about article writing, website content writing, research and social media management. Luckily, there were a few interview schedules and it inspired me to create this blog entry.

When you get an invitation for an interview on oDesk, clients have their own definition of "interview". It's either you are invited to simply chat, chat with video or voice chat only. So, it's important to clarify these things to the client so that you can prepare well especially if they will require you for a video chat interview. Clients who invite you for an interview usually asks for your Skype account and/or gmail. 

The odesk client for this recent interview invitation for a research assistant post asked for my skype ID. She sent me a link to her online appointment calendar and from there, I chose the time slot for my interview schedule. However, due to the confusion with the time zone, I missed out the interview schedule. Good thing she was kind enough to reschedule the interview just this morning. But, I had to file for a leave from the office just to accommodate this skype interview. Again, take note that Skype is very important so, if you do not have a Skype account better create one now. It is one of the essentials when you are engaged in online jobs.

To cut the story short, the Skype interview went well and she asked me for my resume too. It started with the usual "tell me about yourself" because she wanted to get to know me as a person. It was an orientation of the company I am going to work for and the like. I also learned that it is the first time that she will be hiring an academic researcher, so, I would consider this as a prospect for a long term online job which is actually my goal this year. If I have to quit my full time job if everything goes well with this online opportunity. 

I was left with a few assignments and I have to get back to her for another interview schedule. If the test project goes well, I will be paid for it and then get hired. But, if not, then the job hunt goes on...

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