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Boracay Trip via 2go

It was my second time to go to the beautiful paradise of Boracay. Thanks to my friends who instantly agreed with me that we should spend the long weekend (Nov 1 to 5) despite of the short preparation and planning. Since we were running out of time to plan for our Boracay trip, and in consideration with our budget constraints, I suggested that we try out sailing to Caticlan Jetty Port via 2go. It was the combined companies of Negros Navigation and Super Ferry which now carries the name 2go

There are actually limited blogs about 2go. But, based on internet research, it was a pretty reliable and comfortable alternative way of going to Boracay (or so I think). So, I hope this blog will serve as an eye opener for those who are curious of how it feels like travelling by sea through 2go.

What I liked most about our 2go experience: Less hurtful to the wallet. 2go's prices vary depending on the type of accommodation that you avail. In our case, we booked for the cabin-type that can accommod…