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An oDesk Testimonial of Gratitude

For the past 10 months I have worked as an independent contractor in oDesk, I would say that I am extremely satisfied with how things are going for me right now. I started with a very minimal amount not to shoo away clients and I considered my first 3 months in oDesk as my "trial period" just to see the terms and how constant the projects will be. I have had more than ten clients where I did a mixed of writing for website content and seo, research, blogging, survey creation and forum posting contracts. I must say, I enjoyed all my oDesk contracts but as what other contractors would say, working at home with an online writing job could be somewhat erratic. But then again, for me who is working on a part time basis, I could not be grateful enough to oDesk and my clients (past and present) for the opportunities and trust they have given me. My self-confidence and trust in my writing ability has grown because of the several projects, positive outcomes and healthy relationship I…