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Work at Home: A Realization

The past two weeks was really challenging for me because I experienced getting confined in the hospital for the second time (in my entire life!). When I was a kid I would remember my parents convincing me not to be afraid of the nurse, doctor or the hospital, per se. But, up to this day I do not like the thought of needles, oxygen, hospital bed and the whole idea of getting sick and being admitted. For the past two weeks my fever had been shooting up and down so, I had to spend a few days in the hospital and underwent some tests. When I was finally released from the hospital, I felt so relieved thinking that I can finally go back to my odesk duties. Actually, it was a mixture of disappointment and rejoicing. Disappointment because a few days of additional rest would mean deductions from my sick leave which is convertible to cash at the end of the year. On the other hand, it was a day of rejoicing for me too because it would mean more hours on odesk! I must admit that the thought of st…