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Buri Beach: The Unusual Puerto Galera Escapade

I remember my first time in Puerto Galera was spent on the White Beach for a company summer outing a few years back. But, my long time friend, Ate Rita has been bugging me that she wanted to go to Puerto Galera, too. I told myself that, if I will be going on a trip with Ate Rita, I don't like to go to the crowded White Beach anymore. So, I made a little research on the prime beach spots in Puerto Galera and my quest led me to this elegant beach resort, Buri Beach Resort
Buri Beach Resort in Puerto Galera  is truly an ideal place for relaxation. We visited the place around December so, travelling by sea was quite wavy. Plus, the way to Buri Beach Resort was the unusual route. In order to get to Buri Beach, they say that you really have to pass through the most wavy part of Batangas-Mindoro sea. It was the longest 2 hour boat ride of my life! From Batangas pier, we hopped down to Muelle pier and then from Muelle pier, a private boat was waiting for us to reach Buri Beach Resort. Al…

Acuatico Beach Resort (Best Times with College Friends)

I have been very blessed to travel in different places around the Philippines, more specifically the pristine white beaches. Travelling is even more fun when it is shared with great people. In my case, I love travelling with my friends and after college, we see to it that we catch up on each other from time to time. This trip to Acuatico Beach Resort - Batangas, I must say, is one of the short-distance trips where we splurged a lot. Of course, it was a long-planned trip so, we had time to save up for it and enjoy our hard-earned money. 

Acuatico Beach Resort is one of the prime beach resorts in Laiya, Batangas. The moment we set foot in the place, we were able to say to ourselves that every penny we spent was truly worth it. 

This is what will welcome you as you enter the lobby of Acuatico Beach Resort.

Laiya is quite difficult to reach if you do not have a private transportation. In our case, we took the commute route. There were four of us who travelled from Manila and then, we hopped …