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Tips on Time Management Especially for those Working at Home

I must admit that taking projects on oDesk can be a bit overwhelming because you would want to earn as much as you can. However, if you are working at home on a part time basis (like me), you should be able to efficiently assess how many projects you can do. This can help you build up a good track record that you can finish projects on time rather than take on several jobs which you cannot finish. It is both a frustration for you and for the client. When I was just new to oDesk, I tried to engage in several projects but it did not work out well because I was thinking that I had to work double time to submit on time. It was too late when I realized that I have taken too much work and neglected some projects already. Hence, I was unable to produce the expected output for one of my clients. There were times when I took one project after the other because I felt that I CAN STILL handle it but, unfortunately I can only do so much. From then on, I learned my lessons well. I took projects w…