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oDesk Withdrawal Method - My Personal Dilemma

I was due to withdraw my odesk earnings today, July 18. Ever since I started withdrawing funds from my odesk account, I always use the LFT or Local Funds Transfer wherein I directly receive payment through my Metrobank ATM. Unfortunately today, I admittedly was kind of thinking it was like a default setting that when I click withdraw, it will simply be just the same. In short, I was not in my proper frame of mind (hehe!). However, when I checked the transaction history on odesk, I withdrew funds and transferred it to my PayPal account! I was angry at myself for being so absent-minded. I registered my Paypal account as a backup payment plan just in case clients would ask if I have such an account. But, to actually transfer fund from odesk to Paypal, I must say is such a hassle for a newbie like me. 
My Paypal account is linked to my Union Bank EON Card. I have separately set up my Paypal and EON Card accounts since last year but have not really tried if it actually works. Now, I final…