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Gift Ideas for the Love Month of February

This month of February everybody is looking forward to the so-called LOVE MONTH especially for those who are married, in a relationship and even those who are on their way to finding Mr. Right. It's one way of expressing our dear partners how much we love them. Yes, we can express it in some other days and in many other ways but, it has been a custom to every person on the globe to give something special or maybe unique to our partners in life.

Being in a relationship for the past 3 years, I am not really an extrovert when it comes to expressing myself and feelings. I can show my emotions and my real feelings by writing and by giving gifts. So, this February I was thinking of giving my boyfriend, who happens to be an engineer but working in the field of education something cute and will make him laugh....

This is a statement shirt which I found on a website called ThinkGeek. My boyfriend loves the show The Big Bang Theory and stuffs at Think Geek website are inspired by this CBS …