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It was my second time to go to the beautiful paradise of Boracay. Thanks to my friends who instantly agreed with me that we should spend the long weekend (Nov 1 to 5) despite of the short preparation and planning. Since we were running out of time to plan for our Boracay trip, and in consideration with our budget constraints, I suggested that we try out sailing to Caticlan Jetty Port via 2go. It was the combined companies of Negros Navigation and Super Ferry which now carries the name 2go

There are actually limited blogs about 2go. But, based on internet research, it was a pretty reliable and comfortable alternative way of going to Boracay (or so I think). So, I hope this blog will serve as an eye opener for those who are curious of how it feels like travelling by sea through 2go.

What I liked most about our 2go experience:
  • Less hurtful to the wallet. 2go's prices vary depending on the type of accommodation that you avail. In our case, we booked for the cabin-type that can accommodate up to 4 persons; it is air conditioned with private bathroom and cable tv. We paid around Php 1000 per person and terminal fee at Batangas pier was about Php 30. So, it is less damaging to your wallet compared to flying over to Kalibo or Caticlan. Other accommodation available are: suite room which is the most expensive and the tourist accommodation which was around Php 800. I am not quite sure as to the maximum number of persons that can stay in the suite room but it has a sala area and private bathroom, too. If you avail of the tourist accommodation while on the ship, you have to share a common bathroom with a hundred others.  
  • Feels like a cruise ship. While you are on the vessel, it feels like you are actually on a cruise ship because of the very chic lobby area and the staff assisting us as we enter. If you don't like to stay in the cabin, you can spend the night at the bar. You can order some drinks and enjoy the sea breeze and moon light (if you are travelling by night). Sad to say there is no wifi available, so, its either you stay in the bar, relax in the lobby, eat in the restaurant or sleep in your room. 
  • Very chic interior. The front desk and lobby was pink in theme. It was very cool and impressive. You'll initially feel that everything else is glamorous (not until you learn my not-so-good experience). Overall, it was neat and everything else makes you feel that it will be a smooth-sailing trip. 
  • It has a bar, restaurant and lobby. These are the three places most frequented by passengers so, expect them to be a bit crowded. But, it was good enough that they had a bar to enjoy the night away; the restaurant to keep you tummy happy; and the lobby where you can just hang out and watch tv.
  • Sleeping quarters are very decent. The ship was pretty neat and so are the rooms. Bathrooms were maintained well, too. I guess 2go made sure that you will feel comfortable for the 9-hour travel. 
  • Online facility for booking. It is also a good thing that you can book your ticket through an online booking facility. You can choose the type of accommodation you like with just one click which is similar to booking an airplane ticket. 

What made me disappointed in our 2go experience:
  • Disorganized ticketing system. The online booking system was very impressive but the actual ticketing system in Batangas was quite a dismay. We were at Batangas pier 4 hours earlier the departure time but it was too late when we noticed that we were assigned at different rooms. There were 3 of us and I was exiled to join in with 3 other passengers in another cabin. My 2 other friends were a bit shocked that they were led to the cabin with 2 male passengers who had tattoo all over their bodies. It was very opposite to what we expected that we had an entire cabin to ourselves. It was very frustrating and makes you feel unsecured that you are going to sleep with other people in the same cabin, sharing the same comfort room. Ugh! It was like living in a dormitory meeting your roommates for the first time. We were really disappointed because there were only 3 of us and was not even informed about this chaotic arrangement. Other passengers who availed of the cabin were complaining about the same thing!
  • Bar can be improved; separate smokers from non smokers. If you are not fond of being surrounded by smokers, better stay away from the bar. But, if you are not that sensitive to smoke, then the bar area would be really nice place to chill out and maybe, get a bottle of beer to help you sleep through the night. It would also be nice if there was a live band otherwise, you just have to appreciate the upbeat music through their sound system.
  • Add more facilities where passengers can hang out. It would have been nicer if there was a swimming pool, videoke lounge or game room (or something like that) where passengers wouldn't feel so limited to move around. It can be a bit boring especially for first timers like me who had difficulty sleeping. I would have enjoyed the ride if there were other options for on-board activities.
The 2 photos above is a comparison of the bunk beds in the cabin accommodation (the one with the yellow curtain) and the bed in the tourist accommodation. The pictures below show the restaurant which is more like a canteen and the "tipid" food serving at breakfast. :(
  • Improve food serving in the restaurant. Food in the restaurant isn't that expensive. We ordered tocino with rice and egg but there was no egg available so they substituted it with french fries. It was priced at Php 80 but the serving was too measly. It was just enough to fill your stomach but don't expect that you will get satisfied. 
Overall, I give 2go an average rating considering all the things that transpired from the time we checked-in until the time we arrived at Caticlan Jetty Port. I can say that it was a good first time experience minus the "getting-exiled-to-another-cabin" incident. I would recommend it for first timers for the sake of experiencing how it is riding a "cruise" ship or traveling by sea. But, if you do not have the time as you have to travel for 9 hours, then flying through any domestic plane would be the best option in going to Boracay.
I shall return! :)

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  1. Oh I like this blog so much. I didn't get bored in reading this. I am a first timer, I'll try this on my way. Thanks for the post.

    granton world

  2. Thank you for reading my blog, Bernardette! :)

  3. Indeed, they have a very decent sleeping quarters - very neat and clean. As if it's like a room in a hotel at boracay. That's one of the reasons you will love to go to Boracay by ship.

  4. Hi mas maganda kaya kung walk in na lang? kesa sa mag book online?

    1. Hi Yanda!

      It would be best if you will book through the ticketing office so you can directly choose your cabin or bunk bed. :-)

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