oDesk Paid For My Boracay Trip

After months of waiting, I had my first Boracay trip last September 2 to 4. I booked my flight with AirPhil Express since last year when they had the Php 12 base fare promo in any domestic destination. Making an advance booking actually provided an opportunity for a budget traveller like me to prepare long-term for the much awaited Boracay trip. 

You must be wondering how does this relate to my online job at oDesk

Even if I had a long time of preparation, I honestly had difficulty saving up portion of my allowance for this Boracay trip with what I am getting from my full time job. But, I am just simply grateful that I have existing oDesk contracts (then and now) which gave me extra money to spend for this long-planned Boracay vacation. 

With my humble rate of less than $10 per hour in oDesk, I was able to allot my 2-weeks (more than 20 hours) worth of project for my Boracay trip. It also dawned upon me that if I make this a full-time job, I might not just be able to send myself to Boracay but perhaps, to other parts of the world, too!

My realization: learn more skills which I can use for my future odesk contracts and increase my hourly rate so, I can just work at home on a full time basis.

For now, my deepest gratitude to my oDesk clients. Cheers to more projects and good working relationship.

More about my Boracay trip in another blog entry....


  1. Emil Mabuti9/7/12, 1:32 AM


    1. Hahaha! Loko ka Emil! :D Thank you for visiting my blog. :)

  2. Hi Christine, I stumbled upon your post because I was looking for information on Malumpati Springs. And then for some reason this post caught my attention. I just want to add fuel to your fire by saying that I've been freelancing full-time on oDesk - and nowhere else - for five years now, and that it's indeed possible to fund your international travels with your oDesk job. On the strength of my oDesk contracts alone, I and my boyfriend went backpacking around 4 SEA countries for 4 months in 2014. oDesk also funded my planned trips to Bali (cancelled due to July 2015 Mt. Raung eruption), Malaysia and Singapore (cancelled because I was offloaded at the Immigration). If not for the need to go back home every now and then to check with my parents getting up on years, I'd probably be somewhere Southeast Asia living the digital nomad dream. (And yes, you have to charge more to be able to afford long-term international travel.) So keep the dream alive, and hunker down to saving up for all those exotic places you want to see.


    1. Thank you so much, Cherry! Now that you mentioned touring SEA, I would want to do the same thing! I hope I'd be able to get the funds I need for that tour. I stopped working on oDesk for some time but now, I'm back on track but for a few hours only.
      Thanks, again!

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