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Boracay Trip: My First Time Ever!

Last September 2 to 4, I was able to set foot in Asia's most popular island beach resort, Boracay! I wouldn't have afforded going there if not for the AirPhil Express' promo fare. I remember making an online booking last July 2011 for this September Boracay trip (Talk about advance booking, huh?). Compared to the usual rate of more than Php 3500 round trip Caticlan-Manila-Caticlan air fare, I got my tickets for only Php 2700+. It included air fare for 2 pax, roundtrip Manila-Caticlan-Manila with free check-in baggage. So, I was really delighted with the very cheap air fare deal. I guess the schedule of the trip is also a factor because normally, rates are very high if you travel Friday to Sunday as compared to my itinerary which is from Sunday to Tuesday. 
Accommodation: Of course, after booking your plane ticket the next task in line is to find a good package deal for a hotel. Boracay hotels can be quite expensive but there are a lot of informative travel blogs which can h…

Boracay in Photos

I have yet to finish my budget traveller tips for those who are planning on a Boracay trip. For the mean time, I am sharing my personal photos to summarize my wonderful Boracay memories...

Coming up are my quick tips on saving for a Boracay vacation!

oDesk Paid For My Boracay Trip

After months of waiting, I had my first Boracay trip last September 2 to 4. I booked my flight with AirPhil Express since last year when they had the Php 12 base fare promo in any domestic destination. Making an advance booking actually provided an opportunity for a budget traveller like me to prepare long-term for the much awaited Boracay trip. 
You must be wondering how does this relate to my online job at oDesk
Even if I had a long time of preparation, I honestly had difficulty saving up portion of my allowance for this Boracay trip with what I am getting from my full time job. But, I am just simply grateful that I have existing oDesk contracts (then and now) which gave me extra money to spend for this long-planned Boracay vacation. 
With my humble rate of less than $10 per hour in oDesk, I was able to allot my 2-weeks (more than 20 hours) worth of project for my Boracay trip. It also dawned upon me that if I make this a full-time job, I might not just be able to send myself to Bora…