Work at Home: A Realization

The past two weeks was really challenging for me because I experienced getting confined in the hospital for the second time (in my entire life!). When I was a kid I would remember my parents convincing me not to be afraid of the nurse, doctor or the hospital, per se. But, up to this day I do not like the thought of needles, oxygen, hospital bed and the whole idea of getting sick and being admitted. For the past two weeks my fever had been shooting up and down so, I had to spend a few days in the hospital and underwent some tests. When I was finally released from the hospital, I felt so relieved thinking that I can finally go back to my odesk duties. Actually, it was a mixture of disappointment and rejoicing. Disappointment because a few days of additional rest would mean deductions from my sick leave which is convertible to cash at the end of the year. On the other hand, it was a day of rejoicing for me too because it would mean more hours on odesk! I must admit that the thought of staying at home and being able to get some odesk work done is a bit liberating and gives a certain thrill. 

It has been my ultimate goal to work at home on a full time basis ever since I learned about people working on the same terms. I have been hearing about people working at home but did not fully believe that it can actually happen not until I started attending free webinars which presented actual people who are working at home and earning double or at times, triple than the routine office job. So, my recovery period became an opportunity for me to actually try out what it really feels like to work at home on a full time basis. Luckily, I currently have three clients who have given me many writing jobs and I made use of my so-called "rest days" to work on the projects they gave me. I have started this part time virtual assistant career as a writer/blogger/researcher since October last year and it has been very fulfilling. Now that I get to experience doing work at home tasks on a full time basis (even for just a week) made me appreciate it even more. 

Honestly, I am now contemplating on resigning from my full time job in the university and simply continue with this work at home set up. Don't get me wrong because I like my job in the university but at some point I just get so exhausted from all the office politics and stressful bosses. There is something inside me that just wants to give up everything and simply continue with my work at home career. It's just a matter of finding the right opportunity on odesk and the ideal client who can finally give me a full time VA work. And I am going to find it in the next few days or weeks...I promise.


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