oDesk Feedback: Just Another Experience

I seldom apply for fixed-price contracts in odesk unless, the writing job is something I would enjoy researching and writing about. Recently, I accepted a fixed-price contract where the client asked me to write ten articles about Strep Throat for a minimal amount. I researched through google about the topic before accepting the job and thought that it was kind of easy to do so, I agreed with the terms. My client was a Bangladeshi, I think he is maintaining a blog site and earns through advertisements because he reiterated that I had to use the keywords he noted in his instructions. I further learned that he was an SEO expert hence, the repeated instructions for me to use the keywords as often as I can. Anyway, I finished the project successfully despite the struggle to understand his "roller coaster" English grammar. Actually, whenever the client would send me messages, I cannot help but be more than proud of how Filipinos speak and write English efficiently (hehehe!). In short, I finished the project and my Bangladeshi client promptly paid me and ended the contract at the same time.

As usual, when an odesk contract ends, both parties are invited to leave a feedback. Thus, he sent me a message stating that he left a good feedback on my profile so, he was expecting a good feedback from me too. I wanted to laugh upon reading the message considering his jumbled English grammar (sorry for criticizing too much). At the same time, I thought it was a bit rude of him to tell me to log onto Skype just to remind me that I HAVE to leave him a good feedback. But, out of professionalism, I did as I was asked. Besides, he was equally punctual with the payment and was always available for consultation if I needed to clarify something. Apparently, I gave him a feedback without double-checking on the rating that he gave me. I did not expect that he would give me a perfect score so, I ended up giving him a lower score as compared to the five-star rating he gave me. Then, just this evening when I checked my odesk inbox, he sent me another message instructing me to change my feedback! This is simply unbelievable! It was quite funny that he is very conscious of not getting a five-star feedback from me. I did not give him a perfect score because of his imperfect grammar. I know you understand that grammar affects the entire sense of the message, right? :D But then again, out of professionalism, I edited my feedback and changed it to a perfect score so, everything is fair.

I just hope that he will not bother me again. It was a unique experience for me being an independent odesk contractor. The experience also reminded me how multicultural the virtual world is. Every nationality working or hiring in odesk has their own way of communicating and relating with clients/contractors. Above all, I realized that Filipinos are simply incomparable workers as online jobs start to become more popular and Filipino contractors are always in demand and trusted by foreign clients. 


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