My Daily Routine as Part Time Virtual Assistant on oDesk

I started being a part time virtual assistant on oDesk last October 2011. To be honest, I was only trying it out to see if it really works or if I can really earn money. It was pretty much like the same feeling of a newbie in an office except that your so-called "odesk colleagues" are on the other side of the planet.

I don't clearly remember when exactly was my first withdrawal of earnings from odesk but, I surely recall that I was able to buy a microwave oven! haha! I earned that small an amount compared to the odesk professionals who are earning thousands of dollars already. But, for a part time virtual assistant like me, I was happy and thankful. Most blogs that I've read from full time VA's inspired me to create my own blog as a PART TIME VIRTUAL ASSISTANT. This is simply to share what is my daily routine as a part time VA. 

I work in an educational institution and work starts at 8am and ends at 5pm. The good thing about my office schedule is I don't have work on weekends unless I am asked to go in on a Saturday for special activities. Throughout the weekdays I used to stay in the office until around 6pm just to finish my work whether I have to meet a deadline or not and thinking that I have nothing else to do at home. Ever since, I started taking writing jobs on odesk, my routine drastically changed. I felt the motivation and eagerness to go home thinking that I have an odesk project to finish. I realized that I am even more willing to spare more time doing odesk jobs thinking that I am going to earn more dollars. Indeed, a great reason to avoid overtime in the office. At 6pm, I am already at home and would relax a bit. After which, I eat dinner and watch tv for a while. Then, at 7:30pm I start on my odesk projects and would stay late until 11pm or even as late as 12 midnight if I have to beat a deadline. On Saturday and Sunday, I spend 6 to 10 hours doing projects for my odesk clients. oDesk is also the reason why I love weekends, aside from the fact that I earn money and spend time with my family all at the same time. 

Being a part time oDesk contractor has changed my general perspective of work and time management. The months of working on oDesk led me to opportunities with higher job offer. To be a full time oDesk contractor is something that I want to achieve. For the mean time, being a part time online writer is simply going well for me and I love it!


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