How to Get Approval for Google Adsense - My Personal Experience

Way back my college years between 2000 to 2004, I attempted to construct a blog site but I ended up writing one entry only for every new blog site that is introduced. The routine has always been like that, signing up for a new account for whatever blog site is most popular and blogging about stuff reaching up to only one page and then no more. 

When I started reading Bo Sanchez's blogs, I was exposed to different ways on how to earn money through the internet. Then, I stumbled upon names of people I have no idea of (back then) like the Philippine's Online Marketing Guru Mr. Jomar Hilario. I read about his blogs and participated in the free webinars he would give from time to time. In other words, I was convinced that I can truly earn extra money through the internet. Back in the early 2000, I was reading all about how to earn from blogging and stuff. Then, I researched more on the topic and eventually learned about Google Adsense. When I started out taking jobs on oDesk, I had several projects wherein I was tasked to blog for different websites. Now, I get the whole picture why people from all over the world would take time publishing different articles online. 

I'd post about how to get approval for Google Adsense based on my own personal experience. As I have mentioned, it was several years back when I tried blogging but it did not work out. In 2011, along with my several applications on oDesk, I revived my blogging habit. I was thinking of keeping a blog site as a personal portfolio ONLY and not for public consumption. But, my hopes to get paid for blogging was rekindled. Day by day, I tried to fill up pages of my blogger account with different entries that I can think of. I mean, that was one tip I got --- for beginners who do not know what to blog about, just write anything under the sun; your experiences for the day, your favorite tv show, what you ate for lunch, an inspiring message or childhood memories. It can be about anything. In my case, I love to blog about my travel adventures and experiences from oDesk projects. 

However, if you are applying for Google Adsense, here are a few of my personal tips:

1. Your blog site should have a catchy title. The title/subtitle should reflect what the reader is about to read or what the site is all about.

2. The "About Me" section is very important for readers to know who is behind every article they are reading.

3. Start blogging NOW! Remember that your blog entries should point out a certain theme. There are many blogs on "How To's" and these are normally the ones who gain attention from readers. Actually, you can blog about anything as long as your site has a certain theme that caters to a particular audience. 

4. Avoid grammatical errors. Proofread your work before publishing it. Your site will increase more credibility if it appears to be professionally done and with limited errors.

5. Blog everyday for the rest of your life. This is something I had difficulty doing. But, I tried my best to maintain the site and write as often as I can. 

6. Keep your site as clean as possible. Include "gadgets" which are only important like email catcher and share buttons (i.e. facebook and twitter) to gain popularity. Do not include those that will only make your site appear chaotic. 

7. On a more technical aspect, when you apply for google adsense, it is most likely that you are going to fill-up forms. Make sure that you declare information that pertains to yourself as correctly as possible.

8. If it is your first time to apply, most likely you will get denied of your application (just like me!). Do not lose hope, just continue to write blogs!

9. Take note that your blog contents should tackle a particular theme and should keep up with google adsense guidelines.

10. Be PATIENT in trying to apply and re-apply (only if you get disapproved). 

It took me one year before my blog site was finally approved for adsense. I think the key is to keep on blogging and be simply patient with all the procedures. Now, I can finally say that Adsense has inspired me to write more meaningful blogs. 


  1. this is very helpful, Tin. :)
    i am beginning to think about reviving my previous blogs too! hehe. :)
    nicely done. :)

  2. Beck! Yeah, you should continue to blog, too!!! Come on! Let's blog awaaaayyy!!! :)


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