How I Started as a Virtual Assistant

It was in October 2011 when I started my first online jobs through With my frustration and stress brought about by my traditional office routine, I turned to attending a series of webinars hosted by Mr. Jomar Hilario, a well-renowned online marketing guru in the Philippines. There were days when I wanted to attend one of his live seminars/workshops on how to become a virtual assistant but my schedule does not permit me to do so. Good thing he offered an audio version of his How to Become a Virtual Assistant seminar and I quickly purchased it online. After I finished the audio seminar and after I have read blogs of people who had the similar dilemma as mine, I got so inspired and confident that I can change my life 360 degrees and become a full time Virtual Assistant.

Soon as I learned about in 2011, I started out my profile but never really paid attention on how to improve it. I was not that determined thus, I left it hanging incomplete for quite some time. When learned more about how to boost my "marketability" in odesk, I quickly overhauled my odesk profile and took the tests which will reflect my expertise in writing. Writing is my passion and I was thinking that I ought to make a career out of it if I am going to pursue my Virtual Assistant career. 

My first gig as a Virtual Assistant (online writer) was to blog about a variety of topics. It was for an American client who is maintaining a sort of wikipedia website (Usenet) hence, I started with the work in October 2011 and up until now, I am still writing articles for this client. Then, I realized I can still manage to handle some more work perhaps, try out the fixed-price contract available in odesk. I did get a few and found it very fulfilling when clients are very pleased with the articles that I submit and some would even pay me a bonus. Opportunities and job offers simply came in one by one and I was definitely happy about how things are working out for me as a newbie Virtual Assistant. I admit that I started at a small rate per hour and as I gained more confidence, I adjusted my hourly rate to a higher price. 

Now, I am happy to be working on a part time basis for several clients whom I am writing articles for website content and some as a research assistant. What I even appreciated more is the fact that I can use my background in Psychology for some projects I handled. I also get to have my fair share of demanding clients and when they ask too much of my effort which I know I cannot accommodate, I simply end the contract rather than carrying on with the project which I cannot deliver on their expected schedule. But overall, my Virtual Assistant experience is truly an eye-opener that I can actually start a career by simply working at home as long I have the determination, motivation and hunger for change. It is just a matter of time to hone my skills and brave the world of becoming a full time Virtual Assistant. 


  1. Wow! Nice article. The only trouble with me is i can't leave my full time job.

    This is the reason why I can't do a lot of Odesk job because I only have a few hours a day for part-time work.

  2. Hi Anonymous (though, I have an idea of who you are hehehe)! I am a part time writer on odesk too but I am working it out to finally resign from my office work so I can focus on odesk projects.

    My routine usually, I go home exactly at 5pm. I arrive at home around 6pm then start working on odesk at around 730pm until 11pm throughout the whole week. And then Saturday, nakaka-8 hours talaga ako sa odesk pati Sunday mga 6 hours naman.

    It is just a matter of time management at prioritizing which ones to finish first and then move on from one project to another :)


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