Buri Beach: The Unusual Puerto Galera Escapade

I remember my first time in Puerto Galera was spent on the White Beach for a company summer outing a few years back. But, my long time friend, Ate Rita has been bugging me that she wanted to go to Puerto Galera, too. I told myself that, if I will be going on a trip with Ate Rita, I don't like to go to the crowded White Beach anymore. So, I made a little research on the prime beach spots in Puerto Galera and my quest led me to this elegant beach resort, Buri Beach Resort

Buri Beach Resort in Puerto Galera  is truly an ideal place for relaxation. We visited the place around December so, travelling by sea was quite wavy. Plus, the way to Buri Beach Resort was the unusual route. In order to get to Buri Beach, they say that you really have to pass through the most wavy part of Batangas-Mindoro sea. It was the longest 2 hour boat ride of my life! From Batangas pier, we hopped down to Muelle pier and then from Muelle pier, a private boat was waiting for us to reach Buri Beach Resort. Alternatively, we booked our boat tickets through the Sicat Bus Transport which was connected with a hotel in Ermita, Manila (sorry I forgot the name of the hotel). They ferry hotel guests via an exclusive bus and then, book the boat tickets for the group. So, we settled for this kind of arrangement just to make sure that we get to Muelle pier in time. Also, during that time we were unsure if there are boats bound to Muelle pier, if we are going by ourselves. 

Surprisingly, the short boat ride from Muelle pier to the resort was very peaceful. The scenery also reminded me of Coron, Palawan. 

When you get to the resort, this very cozy pool will welcome you. The surroundings in the resort is in an uphill pattern so, you have to climb several steps in order to reach the villas. You will simply feel very close to nature with the green surroundings and it is really a good place to retreat from your busy schedule.

We got the Garden Villa which was priced at Php 6000 to 7000 per night and good only for 2 persons. It was the exclusivity and peaceful time that we were after and so, we did not mind paying for the amount. Garden Villa is a two-storey apartment-like accommodation. There is a balcony and then, the big sliding door leads you to the bed. Then, at the back you will see the outdoor bathroom and stairs leading up the second floor which can still accommodate 2 more persons but for an additional charge.

We decided to avail of the massage services, which was a bit pricey. Prices range from Php 450 to 1500, depending on the type of massage. We availed of the foot spa/massage as it was the cheapest just to try out what it was like. We were led to the spa area and it was like a herbal treatment where leaves were applied to the legs.

spa area

view of the villas from the pool area

Buri Beach Resort can be considered really one of the best resorts in Puerto Galera. However, I didn't find anything unique in their restaurant. The ambiance was very nice but food was a bit expensive. Every meal would cost Php 200 per person and it was the usual dishes like roasted chicken, seafood, fish, barbecue, sisig and all the typical food you can think of. We didn't have much choice but to eat in the restaurant because bringing of food is not allowed in the resort.

watermelon shake
This was one of the most expensive villas.

Overall, Buri Beach Resort is indeed a good weekend getaway to refresh your mind and body.It is an ideal place for friends, family and couples. I loved it because of it is far from the usual crowded beach of Puerto Galera. This is the place where you get pure peace and relaxation at its best. 


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