Acuatico Beach Resort (Best Times with College Friends)

I have been very blessed to travel in different places around the Philippines, more specifically the pristine white beaches. Travelling is even more fun when it is shared with great people. In my case, I love travelling with my friends and after college, we see to it that we catch up on each other from time to time. This trip to Acuatico Beach Resort - Batangas, I must say, is one of the short-distance trips where we splurged a lot. Of course, it was a long-planned trip so, we had time to save up for it and enjoy our hard-earned money. 

Acuatico Beach Resort is one of the prime beach resorts in Laiya, Batangas. The moment we set foot in the place, we were able to say to ourselves that every penny we spent was truly worth it. 


This is what will welcome you as you enter the lobby of Acuatico Beach Resort.

Laiya is quite difficult to reach if you do not have a private transportation. In our case, we took the commute route. There were four of us who travelled from Manila and then, we hopped down at Lipa City. There was this bus and fx terminal just across Robinsons Mall Lipa City. Then, from there take the van going to Laiya. 

Well, in our case we just added a few more bucks as the driver agreed to take us directly to Acuatico Beach Resort. I think we spent around Php 400 to 500 from Manila to Acuatico.

I don't have the full room details but, we got the Php 12,500 room (good for 4 persons). Yes, it was very expensive for an overnight stay but, as I've said you will just get the total value for your money and the well-deserved relaxation time. Acuatico Beach Resort will make you feel like you are in a really exclusive place, peaceful and employees were friendly. This is one corner of the room. It was like a two-storey small house/villa. When you enter the door, it was like a mini lobby, area for drying clothes and common bathroom. Then, as you climb up the stairs is the bedroom. There were 2 double beds, cable tv and aircondition. Interior was minimalist and very dainty.

I think this picturesque view of the pool and villas is the Acuatico Beach Resort trademark. Everything seemed so perfect, if it weren't for the rainy weather. 

the pool

the bar in the middle of the pool (at night)

the bar in the middle of the pool

the view from our villa

The next pictures will showcase the Acuatico Resort restaurant. Take note, everything is buffet. And every buffet meal costs Php 500 per person. They have ala carte meals for children, though. We actually thought it was way too costly but, once you taste the food they serve, you won't regret every single centavo you spent. There were a lot of food options, mostly are Filipino dishes. Desserts were very yummy! It was one of the things I really enjoyed. Excuse my bias for desserts. :) 

The Kare-Kare was truly exceptional. And they don't repeat the same dish over and over. So, you are guaranteed of a really good quality, sumptuous meal. 

Overall, Acuatico Beach Resort can be quite far to be reached by public transportation. The room and food can be pricey but, I do not mind repeating it all over again that, you really get your money's worth. The exclusivity, class, luxury and treatment due to a king and queen are all part of this leisurely weekend get away. The resort is very ideal for family, friends and partners. If I had enough money to splurge, I'd stay here perhaps twice a year just to unwind and get a breathe of fresh air. Two thumbs up for Acuatico Beach Resort!


  1. WOOOWWW! so beautiful!!
    parang sa ibang bansa lang...

    1. Hi Sashi!

      Thanks for visiting my blog. That's true, we have a lot of beautiful beach resorts in the Philippines. :)

    2. hi . .me and my friends are planning to go acuatico this coming december .we dont have private car . .ano pong biahe od nmen sakyan ? thanks :)

    3. Hi!

      I hope my reply isn't too late. But, we just talked to the van drivers in Lipa to take us to Acuatico. We just paid additional fee. Hope you'll enjoy Acuatico! :)

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hi po. We were planning to celebrate our anniv here but mjo pricey sya, sabe sa site nila inclusive na dw ung use of facilities and water sports is that true po? And may mga malapit po bang kainan sa labas pra makatipid in case?

    1. Hi!
      I don't think there are restaurants outside Acuatico during the time we stayed there. You can try out other restaurants in the nearby resorts. But, I think Acuatico has ala carte meals (if I'm not mistaken) so, you won't have to avail of the buffet meals. I hope this helps. ;-)

  3. May I ask how did you commute back? Is there public transpo near acuatico?

    1. Hi Manny!

      We contracted the same van that we rented from Lipa Terminal. The driver was kind enough to offer that he can fetch us when we check out the following day. You can probably do the same...

      I think you can also request transpo from Acuatico but with corresponding fees. I am not sure of their prices.

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Wow! What a wonderful place, thanks for sharing! You may also like to visit Playa Calatagan Residences in Batangas that offers condo luxuries and enjoy the beachfront living everyday!

  6. Yoooon. Thank you next stop... Aquatico naman! Just want to share my experience in Cagayan just bought a house incagayan de oro house and lot it was a great experiencein Cagayan!

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