Education for the Young

March is the season for families to cheer for the graduates of 2012. I, myself would always love to reminisce about those momentous events. Way back then I considered myself lucky for my parents were able to send me to a reputable private-Catholic school. Now, that I am working in an educational institution, I get to even appreciate the quality of education and how accessible it was during my younger years.

In the university where I work now, I am in-charge of giving qualifying exams to deserving public school students. For so many years, my prayers go with these students to get always accepted for the scholarship program. Because who knows if their parents can only afford to send them to school until Grade 6 or 4th year high school. At least if they get the scholarship, they are secured of good quality education from high school all the way up to college.

LINGAP Scholars
So, tell me, is it not valid to think that education has become more of a privilege rather than mere human right?


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