R & R at Casa Ibiza Antipolo

Thanks to cashcashpinoy that my friends and I were able to get a good deal at Casa Ibiza in Antipolo City. It was January 14-15 this year when we spent an overnight weekend at Casa Ibiza and it also served as a shower party for our dear friend's upcoming wedding on February.

Budget was around Php 2,000 for an overnight stay, including fare for commuting, food (from outside Casa Ibiza) and the contribution for the room accommodation (Php 700 each). There were 13 of us who went to Casa Ibiza and we all came from Laguna. I think the place has very good marketing strategy because we were curious how the place looks like since we have witnessed it being featured in some local television shows.

Commute Guide: from Megamall Building B, there's an fx terminal near the supermarket exit just make sure you take the Antipolo City route. It costs Php 50-60 each person. Then from Antipolo (bayan), just take the tricycle going to Casa Ibiza which costs Php 60 per special trip.

Food: Food at Casa Ibiza can be quite expensive like per menu item will cost you around Php 150 and above. So, we opted to just go out of the resort and explore the city of Antipolo and bought some snacks from Shopwise.

The Resort: Casa Ibiza is like a row of houses that you can rent out for a weekend getaway with family and friends. They have a restaurant, swimming pool for kids and adults, cabanas to hang out with your companions, events reception area ideal for wedding and other parties.

Here are some photos that I would like to share...

If you look at it from outside, it's like a row of houses/apartments just like any other subdivision or villages. Casa Ibiza's units are quite colorful to keep up with the Mexican-Mediterranean theme.
This is how it looks it from outside

When you go inside, the units are simple, quaint, just comfortable for you to relax. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the room but, in the "blue" unit that we availed, there were 3 rooms -- 1 master's bedroom with private bathroom and 2 additional rooms with 1 common bathroom.

stuffs for hygiene :)

living room area

kitchen (but you cannot cook)

dining area

This is how the swimming pool looks like. Now, I can vouch for what they usually say as "looks can be deceiving" because when you look at Casa Ibiza's flyers and photos, it'll make you feel like you wanna head over to the place and experience R & R. Well, I couldn't say it was awful perhaps, just the average kind of resort.

pool for kids at 2-feet

pool for adults at 5-feet

This is their so-called restaurant. We had our complimentary breakfast in here and again, food was very plain you won't feel very full but it was enough to simply satisfy your hunger.

Casa Ibiza - restaurant

So, there....I hope I satisfied your curiosity on what to expect if you are planning to spend a weekend at Casa Ibiza. I would rate it an overall score of 3 out of 5. It was a nice place but nothing extravagant. The bottom line is don't expect too much. What's important is I enjoyed my friends' company and that's one thing to be thankful for.


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