New Year, New Life, New Hopes

Well, I hope it is not too late to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The past year 2011 has brought many deep challenges for me. I did not have the time to think about what I really wanted out of my career life. In as much as my personal life is going smoothly well, my career has really suffered because I feel that I have not grown much in my current profession. There were many engagements and interaction with students which made me think of another option and take my career to a different level. That is why this year, 2012 I grabbed this opportunity to work part-time even though it is purely online work. But at the same time, I am also thinking on how to improve improve myself aside from the fact that I am taking up my Certificate in Teaching at the University of the Philippines.

I believe that this year brings in new hope, new aspirations, changes and taking risks. I hope that I can embrace it all with an open heart and mind. And that I can finally say, I am very willing to take the challenges. I am finally moving out of my comfort zone.


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