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R & R at Casa Ibiza Antipolo

Thanks to cashcashpinoy that my friends and I were able to get a good deal at Casa Ibiza in Antipolo City. It was January 14-15 this year when we spent an overnight weekend at Casa Ibiza and it also served as a shower party for our dear friend's upcoming wedding on February.

Budget was around Php 2,000 for an overnight stay, including fare for commuting, food (from outside Casa Ibiza) and the contribution for the room accommodation (Php 700 each). There were 13 of us who went to Casa Ibiza and we all came from Laguna. I think the place has very good marketing strategy because we were curious how the place looks like since we have witnessed it being featured in some local television shows.

Commute Guide: from Megamall Building B, there's an fx terminal near the supermarket exit just make sure you take the Antipolo City route. It costs Php 50-60 each person. Then from Antipolo (bayan), just take the tricycle going to Casa Ibiza which costs Php 60 per special trip.

Food: Food at C…

New Year, New Life, New Hopes

Well, I hope it is not too late to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The past year 2011 has brought many deep challenges for me. I did not have the time to think about what I really wanted out of my career life. In as much as my personal life is going smoothly well, my career has really suffered because I feel that I have not grown much in my current profession. There were many engagements and interaction with students which made me think of another option and take my career to a different level. That is why this year, 2012 I grabbed this opportunity to work part-time even though it is purely online work. But at the same time, I am also thinking on how to improve improve myself aside from the fact that I am taking up my Certificate in Teaching at the University of the Philippines.

I believe that this year brings in new hope, new aspirations, changes and taking risks. I hope that I can embrace it all with an open heart and mind. And that I can finally say, I am very willing to take t…