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Boracay Trip via 2go

It was my second time to go to the beautiful paradise of Boracay. Thanks to my friends who instantly agreed with me that we should spend the long weekend (Nov 1 to 5) despite of the short preparation and planning. Since we were running out of time to plan for our Boracay trip, and in consideration with our budget constraints, I suggested that we try out sailing to Caticlan Jetty Port via 2go. It was the combined companies of Negros Navigation and Super Ferry which now carries the name 2go

There are actually limited blogs about 2go. But, based on internet research, it was a pretty reliable and comfortable alternative way of going to Boracay (or so I think). So, I hope this blog will serve as an eye opener for those who are curious of how it feels like travelling by sea through 2go.

What I liked most about our 2go experience: Less hurtful to the wallet. 2go's prices vary depending on the type of accommodation that you avail. In our case, we booked for the cabin-type that can accommod…

Advantages and Disadvantage of oDesk Fixed-Price Contracts

Recently, I've been receiving invitations for job interview on oDesk for fixed-price projects. But, this is my personal take on why I seldom accept fixed-price contracts.

What I like about Fixed-Price contracts:
Fixed-price contracts bring you money in bulk. And it feels very rewarding when you see such sum of money in your oDesk "wallet". You can work any time you want. Fixed-price contracts allow you to work at your convenience. You may log into the oDesk Team Room for monitoring purposes but payment is really made once the contract has been completed.You can basically accept unlimited fixed-price contracts and receive payments almost instantly.
What I don't like about Fixed-Price contracts:
You are prone to accepting bogus projects. Scams are everywhere. There are clients who will ask you for trial jobs and at the end of the day, they will not pay you for the job. You have to constantly update your client about the job progress. Well, it is your duty as a contractor …
Just the thought of going back to this paradise makes me so giddy! This time I'll be spending the long weekend with college friends. Since we had a short time planning for this trip, we are on a tight budget so, we will be traveling through 2go. But, we booked a promo ticket via Seair in going back to Manila. 
I hope our trip will be blessed with a good weather so we can enjoy the beach and for the safe travel via sea. I'm actually very curious of 2go's services. It's also my first time to go on a "cruise" as there are very limited information about 2go. I'll blog about the details when I come back.

Boracay Trip: My First Time Ever!

Last September 2 to 4, I was able to set foot in Asia's most popular island beach resort, Boracay! I wouldn't have afforded going there if not for the AirPhil Express' promo fare. I remember making an online booking last July 2011 for this September Boracay trip (Talk about advance booking, huh?). Compared to the usual rate of more than Php 3500 round trip Caticlan-Manila-Caticlan air fare, I got my tickets for only Php 2700+. It included air fare for 2 pax, roundtrip Manila-Caticlan-Manila with free check-in baggage. So, I was really delighted with the very cheap air fare deal. I guess the schedule of the trip is also a factor because normally, rates are very high if you travel Friday to Sunday as compared to my itinerary which is from Sunday to Tuesday. 
Accommodation: Of course, after booking your plane ticket the next task in line is to find a good package deal for a hotel. Boracay hotels can be quite expensive but there are a lot of informative travel blogs which can h…

Boracay in Photos

I have yet to finish my budget traveller tips for those who are planning on a Boracay trip. For the mean time, I am sharing my personal photos to summarize my wonderful Boracay memories...

Coming up are my quick tips on saving for a Boracay vacation!

oDesk Paid For My Boracay Trip

After months of waiting, I had my first Boracay trip last September 2 to 4. I booked my flight with AirPhil Express since last year when they had the Php 12 base fare promo in any domestic destination. Making an advance booking actually provided an opportunity for a budget traveller like me to prepare long-term for the much awaited Boracay trip. 
You must be wondering how does this relate to my online job at oDesk
Even if I had a long time of preparation, I honestly had difficulty saving up portion of my allowance for this Boracay trip with what I am getting from my full time job. But, I am just simply grateful that I have existing oDesk contracts (then and now) which gave me extra money to spend for this long-planned Boracay vacation. 
With my humble rate of less than $10 per hour in oDesk, I was able to allot my 2-weeks (more than 20 hours) worth of project for my Boracay trip. It also dawned upon me that if I make this a full-time job, I might not just be able to send myself to Bora…

My Daily Routine as Part Time Virtual Assistant on oDesk

I started being a part time virtual assistant on oDesk last October 2011. To be honest, I was only trying it out to see if it really works or if I can really earn money. It was pretty much like the same feeling of a newbie in an office except that your so-called "odesk colleagues" are on the other side of the planet.
I don't clearly remember when exactly was my first withdrawal of earnings from odesk but, I surely recall that I was able to buy a microwave oven! haha! I earned that small an amount compared to the odesk professionals who are earning thousands of dollars already. But, for a part time virtual assistant like me, I was happy and thankful. Most blogs that I've read from full time VA's inspired me to create my own blog as a PART TIME VIRTUAL ASSISTANT. This is simply to share what is my daily routine as a part time VA. 
I work in an educational institution and work starts at 8am and ends at 5pm. The good thing about my office schedule is I don't have w…

oDesk Feedback: Just Another Experience

I seldom apply for fixed-price contracts in odesk unless, the writing job is something I would enjoy researching and writing about. Recently, I accepted a fixed-price contract where the client asked me to write ten articles about Strep Throat for a minimal amount. I researched through google about the topic before accepting the job and thought that it was kind of easy to do so, I agreed with the terms. My client was a Bangladeshi, I think he is maintaining a blog site and earns through advertisements because he reiterated that I had to use the keywords he noted in his instructions. I further learned that he was an SEO expert hence, the repeated instructions for me to use the keywords as often as I can. Anyway, I finished the project successfully despite the struggle to understand his "roller coaster" English grammar. Actually, whenever the client would send me messages, I cannot help but be more than proud of how Filipinos speak and write English efficiently (hehehe!). In sh…

An oDesk Testimonial of Gratitude

For the past 10 months I have worked as an independent contractor in oDesk, I would say that I am extremely satisfied with how things are going for me right now. I started with a very minimal amount not to shoo away clients and I considered my first 3 months in oDesk as my "trial period" just to see the terms and how constant the projects will be. I have had more than ten clients where I did a mixed of writing for website content and seo, research, blogging, survey creation and forum posting contracts. I must say, I enjoyed all my oDesk contracts but as what other contractors would say, working at home with an online writing job could be somewhat erratic. But then again, for me who is working on a part time basis, I could not be grateful enough to oDesk and my clients (past and present) for the opportunities and trust they have given me. My self-confidence and trust in my writing ability has grown because of the several projects, positive outcomes and healthy relationship I…

FOR SALE: Canon A3200IS

We won this camera from a raffle draw but, we already have an SLR so, we are selling off this point and shoot CANON A3200IS. It's brand new and comes in complete package.

If you are interested, please email me: or simply place a comment in this page.
Thank you.

Work at Home: A Realization

The past two weeks was really challenging for me because I experienced getting confined in the hospital for the second time (in my entire life!). When I was a kid I would remember my parents convincing me not to be afraid of the nurse, doctor or the hospital, per se. But, up to this day I do not like the thought of needles, oxygen, hospital bed and the whole idea of getting sick and being admitted. For the past two weeks my fever had been shooting up and down so, I had to spend a few days in the hospital and underwent some tests. When I was finally released from the hospital, I felt so relieved thinking that I can finally go back to my odesk duties. Actually, it was a mixture of disappointment and rejoicing. Disappointment because a few days of additional rest would mean deductions from my sick leave which is convertible to cash at the end of the year. On the other hand, it was a day of rejoicing for me too because it would mean more hours on odesk! I must admit that the thought of st…

Buri Beach: The Unusual Puerto Galera Escapade

I remember my first time in Puerto Galera was spent on the White Beach for a company summer outing a few years back. But, my long time friend, Ate Rita has been bugging me that she wanted to go to Puerto Galera, too. I told myself that, if I will be going on a trip with Ate Rita, I don't like to go to the crowded White Beach anymore. So, I made a little research on the prime beach spots in Puerto Galera and my quest led me to this elegant beach resort, Buri Beach Resort
Buri Beach Resort in Puerto Galera  is truly an ideal place for relaxation. We visited the place around December so, travelling by sea was quite wavy. Plus, the way to Buri Beach Resort was the unusual route. In order to get to Buri Beach, they say that you really have to pass through the most wavy part of Batangas-Mindoro sea. It was the longest 2 hour boat ride of my life! From Batangas pier, we hopped down to Muelle pier and then from Muelle pier, a private boat was waiting for us to reach Buri Beach Resort. Al…

Acuatico Beach Resort (Best Times with College Friends)

I have been very blessed to travel in different places around the Philippines, more specifically the pristine white beaches. Travelling is even more fun when it is shared with great people. In my case, I love travelling with my friends and after college, we see to it that we catch up on each other from time to time. This trip to Acuatico Beach Resort - Batangas, I must say, is one of the short-distance trips where we splurged a lot. Of course, it was a long-planned trip so, we had time to save up for it and enjoy our hard-earned money. 

Acuatico Beach Resort is one of the prime beach resorts in Laiya, Batangas. The moment we set foot in the place, we were able to say to ourselves that every penny we spent was truly worth it. 

This is what will welcome you as you enter the lobby of Acuatico Beach Resort.

Laiya is quite difficult to reach if you do not have a private transportation. In our case, we took the commute route. There were four of us who travelled from Manila and then, we hopped …

How to Get Approval for Google Adsense - My Personal Experience

Way back my college years between 2000 to 2004, I attempted to construct a blog site but I ended up writing one entry only for every new blog site that is introduced. The routine has always been like that, signing up for a new account for whatever blog site is most popular and blogging about stuff reaching up to only one page and then no more. 
When I started reading Bo Sanchez's blogs, I was exposed to different ways on how to earn money through the internet. Then, I stumbled upon names of people I have no idea of (back then) like the Philippine's Online Marketing Guru Mr. Jomar Hilario. I read about his blogs and participated in the free webinars he would give from time to time. In other words, I was convinced that I can truly earn extra money through the internet. Back in the early 2000, I was reading all about how to earn from blogging and stuff. Then, I researched more on the topic and eventually learned about Google Adsense. When I started out taking jobs on oDesk, I had …

Tips on Time Management Especially for those Working at Home

I must admit that taking projects on oDesk can be a bit overwhelming because you would want to earn as much as you can. However, if you are working at home on a part time basis (like me), you should be able to efficiently assess how many projects you can do. This can help you build up a good track record that you can finish projects on time rather than take on several jobs which you cannot finish. It is both a frustration for you and for the client. When I was just new to oDesk, I tried to engage in several projects but it did not work out well because I was thinking that I had to work double time to submit on time. It was too late when I realized that I have taken too much work and neglected some projects already. Hence, I was unable to produce the expected output for one of my clients. There were times when I took one project after the other because I felt that I CAN STILL handle it but, unfortunately I can only do so much. From then on, I learned my lessons well. I took projects w…