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Work at Home versus Routine Office Job

I have been pondering on giving up my full time job so that I can focus more on my online job. I have been working in the school setting for almost 9 years and my work entails research and other routine office jobs. Although I enjoy meeting children and parents, I would still want to have the FREEDOM to be my own boss and have a FULL CONTROL on my schedule.

Here are some of my reflections on having a ROUTINE FULL TIME JOB versus WORKING AT HOME.

Why I like to retain my ROUTINE FULL TIME JOB?

1. I like the sense of security that I earn monthly (even though, its still insufficient for my expenses).
2. I have the health benefits where I do not have to shell out money in emergency cases.
3. I treasure the friendship I've built through time.
4. I like the minimal dividends I get from the cooperative.
5. I would still like to finish my Master's degree thesis.

Now, here are the reasons why I would just like to WORK AT HOME-FULL TIME:

1. I earn dollars which is relatively higher than…