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Tamaraw Beach Resort Puerto Galera – A Review

Finally, my long awaited get away pushed through after a few times of rescheduling. Thanks to the long weekend break this Halloween season, my boyfriend and I was able to set foot at the Tamaraw Beach Resort in Puerto Galera. I actually recommended that we stay here at Tamaraw Beach rather than White Beach because the latter is known to be a party place and where most people go to. Unlike Tamaraw Beach which is not so crowded and the ambiance is just perfect if you want to have pure relaxation time.
Here are a few things on what I can say about Tamaraw Beach Resort in Puerto Galera:
Location: Tamaraw Beach is easily accessible from Batangas Pier -- you just book your ticket directly going to the place. Another alternative is to book a ferry ride going to the White Beach then, there is a shuttle provided by Tamaraw Beach Resort that will take you to the resort which is about 5 – 10 minutes away from White Beach.  In our case, we were about to buy tickets going to the White Beach but, I s…