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Steps and Stops: My First oDesk Contract Ended

My First oDesk Contract Ended

My first two months of having a dull oDesk profile did not do me any good. I was waiting and waiting for jobs to come in but there's nothing, zero, zilch, nada! Sure, I got a few interviews here and there but did not make it simply because of my dull oDesk profile. Now, after realizing what I needed to do and that's basically dazzling up my oDesk profile with all the skills test and good scores, I finally got 4 contracts with different employers all at the same time. It was crazy and overwhelming at first. I'm on my second work week, by the way, and I am getting the hang of it. But, what I realized also is that if this is only a part time job, it's not good to have 4 employers all at the same time because it can be quite demanding of your time.And so, as a consequence of being "overly employed", one of my contracts ended --- the easiest one which is blog commenting job. I may have neglected it simply because I knew it was an easy task where all …