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Tips on How to Get Hired at

I have not written any blog post for the past few weeks now. I'm just so jammed up with all the office work plus the school requirements because I have a deadline to beat. Due to this busy schedule, my frustration to get a part-time online job as a stepping stone to flexible time, got me so hyped up. One of the most popular way of getting an online job is through I have long signed up and maintained my account but never took the time to actually "overhaul" my public profile. It actually took me some time before getting the tricks on how to get hired by oDesk employers. Finally, last week, I had several job offers and job invitations coming in my inbox and got so giddy about it! I am very thankful that as of now I have 4 ongoing contracts with different employers which require me to do article writing, blogging and writing up for website contents --- something that I really enjoy doing.

Here are some tips on how to get hired at oDesk:

1. Create a profile by put…