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Top 5 Warnings About Public Transportation in the Philippines

I have been a commuter for more than 15 years already.  With all the "bad elements" here and there while on commute, I am still thankful because it has made me a street smart person. I formally started to take public transportation when I attended college. Ever since I was born, I was confined in this small neighborhood, "Canlubang" in Laguna where everything was just walking distance. Come the time when I had to go to Manila for College, it was like everything thrown at my face all at the same time --- taking the jeep, fx, bus, lrt, mrt and pedicab! Therefore, I can truly say I'm a well-trained commuter, molded in the best training ground along the side walks of Manila where all the snatchers and other bad guys are on the look out to get your most valuable possession.

Anyway, I am also thankful that I am now out of the hustle and bustle of the city but is now a simple Laguna commuter. My daily travel time is around 30-45 minutes from home to work…