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Employment Testing and Evaluation

And here it is! Sharing the contents of what I discussed this afternoon to the Psychology students of University of Perpetual Help Calamba, Laguna. I hope you find it meaningful, too. :-)

Employment Testing and Evaluation

One Fine Friday

Thank God It's Friday! That's what everybody usually say since Friday marks dining out with officemates, meeting up with friends or perhaps, it marks the culmination of the whole work week. For me, I could say that I spent it the best way possible. Today, 7th of October, I was able to share another meaningful afternoon with Psychology students of University of Perpetual Help in Calamba, Laguna. It was one of my elementary teachers, who is now teaching at the tertiary level that invited me to facilitate a session with her students. Well, I could say that it was a "so-so" event. I felt the pressure because the person who invited me is practically a family friend and that students are quite restless throughout the session. Anyway, I shared about Psychological Testing in the Industrial setting ---  a topic, that admittedly I'm not very fond of. But, thank God I managed to pull it off. There's always a next time and it was a good opportunity for self-evaluation -…