Work at Home versus Routine Office Job

I have been pondering on giving up my full time job so that I can focus more on my online job. I have been working in the school setting for almost 9 years and my work entails research and other routine office jobs. Although I enjoy meeting children and parents, I would still want to have the FREEDOM to be my own boss and have a FULL CONTROL on my schedule.

Here are some of my reflections on having a ROUTINE FULL TIME JOB versus WORKING AT HOME.

Why I like to retain my ROUTINE FULL TIME JOB?

1. I like the sense of security that I earn monthly (even though, its still insufficient for my expenses).
2. I have the health benefits where I do not have to shell out money in emergency cases.
3. I treasure the friendship I've built through time.
4. I like the minimal dividends I get from the cooperative.
5. I would still like to finish my Master's degree thesis.

Now, here are the reasons why I would just like to WORK AT HOME-FULL TIME:

1. I earn dollars which is relatively higher than what I'm earning on my full time job.
2. I am relieved from stressful office issues.
3. I am my own boss.
4. I do not have to commute everyday.
5. I have a flexible time schedule.
6. When I have a flexible time schedule, I can take other part time teaching jobs. :)

The only thing that's keeping me from taking this leap to engage full time in my online job is that I might not be able to support my parents' healthcare needs since recently my mom was admitted for high blood and my dad have been diagnosed to have kidney stones (but can be supported by medications). All these health concerns were shouldered through the health card. To be honest, my savings are really insufficient for emergency cases.

To be honest, this is just one hell of a dilemma for me. In reality, I would really want to take the "big leap" but I am afraid to take the risk. I wish I had the strength to make a difference in my life.

Thank you for reading my blog. :)


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