Food Tripping in Tagaytay City

We went on a road trip to Tagaytay one weekend. A road trip which turned out to be a food trip as well. Years back we visited Gourmet Restaurant in KM 52 Aguinaldo Highway Tagaytay City. It has an old-vintage feel with a grand piano on the center of the restaurant. After 3 years, we visited the place and it has transformed into a whole niew modern Greek-inspired restaurant. I must say that I miss the old restaurant which has the "homey" and warm atmosphere as compared to what it is now which is like a one big reception hall. 

Well, just to share some photos of the food we ate:

fish and chips

i forgot the exact name of this dish but it was chicken with olive oil and herbs

 After lunch, we proceeded to Cliffhouse in Tagaytay and splurge on a variety of crepes for dessert at Cafe Breton.

I wonder where will be our next food trip this holiday season. Happy Food Tripping everyone! :)


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