First oDesk Payment via Metrobank

I have been doing some oDesk jobs since October 2011. It's just a part-time job for me and I started out with $1/hour rate. So, come December 2011, I had accumulated $43 for several writing and blogging jobs. My initial payment method was through my Metrobank ATM Savings Account. I thought of withdrawing my oDesk salary since the first withdrawal is for FREE. So, I withdrew all $43 last December 21 and I got an email that I am expected to receive the payment on December 27 at Php 42 per $1 exchange rate, so, I should expect Php 1,700 plus worth of payment.

Lo and behold, I was really glad when I checked my ATM I indeed received my writing and blogging money from oDesk! I was so giddy and relieved that my hard earned money was in my account even with a few days of waiting. It could have been faster if December 26 was not declared a US holiday. Nevertheless, I just wanted to share with you how happy I am about this very smooth transaction. Kudos to oDesk team and to Metrobank as well.

More oDesk jobs for me in the near future!


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