Microtel Inn - Manila: A Review

Since I started attending conventions and conferences held in different parts of the Philippines. I managed to appreciate the good luxurious opportunity of staying in hotels. I have been to Microtel Inn - Mactan, Cebu and it was fairly good except for the overly pricey food. This time, I had the opportunity to stay in Microtel Inn - SM Mall of Asia in Manila. Overall, it was pretty much standard with the other Microtel branches nationwide. The interiors are quite different maybe because it caters to various kind of clients - local and foreign. But, the room and facilities are generally the same for all Microtel Inn branches.

Microtel Inn - SM Mall of Asia Manila branch looks like the pictures I'll share with you below:
standard room for 2 - sunset view Microtel Inn Manila

 When you are on the sunset view of the room, you will get to see this picturesque scenario of the city life..

They have quite a limited space in the lobby. In the evening, part of the lobby is converted into a bar. In the morning, it becomes an extension of the buffet area where you can see dining tables. After some time it will go back to the usual waiting area for guests.

What my favorite facility at Microtel Inn - SM Mall of Asia is the roof deck where it has a really neat place to stay with the family and swim in their mini swimming pool and at the same time you get a 360 degree view of the city (well at least the SM Mall of Asia area).

Aside from the efficient list of facilities, Microtel Inn is quite generous for having potable water and they serve it in a water dispenser and a supply of ice cubes on a clean gigantic bucket.

For a budding hotel in the metro, Microtel Inn - SM Mall of Asia is one place to pamper yourself and get to relax even for a short weekend. The staff, facilities and value for money are very reasonable because you are treated professionally and pampered quite well with their available facilities and efficient employee service. 


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