Liliw, Laguna: Other Than Sandals And Slippers

People usually flock to Liliw, Laguna because the town is known to be a footwear capital where you can buy slipper/sandal bargains. Little did I know that Liliw is a hideaway for this very idyllic restaurant called "Arabela". If you arrive at the place, you will notice that it is just a basement part of a whole house but it was really jam packed with tourists -- local and foreigners. The place was quaint, dainty and the whole ambiance was really excellent.

They serve meals which are mostly Italian like pizza and pasta, but they have rice meals with steak and barbecue. Here are some photos I took, mostly are food that we ordered and some pastry displays on the restaurant:

Just a few of their desserts


chicken cordon bleu

blueberry cheesecake

strawberry cheesecake

watermelon shake

mango shake

pasta with seafood and scallops

fettuccine alfredo

Indeed, there's more to Liliw than shoes and slippers. Arabela is the place to dine out after the tiresome footwear shopping. It's definitely one of the coziest place in this part of Laguna. :)


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