Coron, Palawan - A Flashback

It just so happen that I stumbled upon old pictures in my files. One of the places I would repeatedly go to is Palawan. Palawan is simply rich with culture, nature both under the sea and above the sea. I was fortunate enough to travel to Coron, Palawan -- one of the most visited tourist spots in the Philippines. Coron is simply a quiet town in the northern part of Palawan. Back in 2009 when I went there with my friend, we were simply in awe for the magnificent natural surroundings.

I would like to share with you what our tour was like back then...

Mt. Tapyas

Kawayanan Grill where we ate our lunch

Maquinit Hot Springs - very nice to take a dip

sunset at Mt. Tapyas

sunset view at Mt. Tapyas
Darayonan Lodging House
 We were on a tight budget and that time, prime hotels are located in the other islands of Coron. So, we opted to stay in Coron town proper and booked accommodation at Darayonan Lodge. Its very accessible to almost everywhere. Staff were friendly too. But, we did not like the native cottages so, we stayed in the newly renovated modern building which was equipped with aircon, veranda, bed and shower. It was fair enough for the amount we paid for which did not exceed Php 3000 for a 3D/2nights stay.

Corals. You don't even need goggles!

Our lunch food prepared by the bangkeros

twin lagoon

You have to fit into that hole to get to the other side.

Palawan natives

At Banul Beach Coron Palawan

Banul Beach, Coron Palawan

Kayangan Lake

This is my favorite spot of all --- the Kayangan Lake. If you are a first timer in Coron, you will surely fall in love with the island as much as I did. And I can't wait to go back! :)


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