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I have not written any blog post for the past few weeks now. I'm just so jammed up with all the office work plus the school requirements because I have a deadline to beat. Due to this busy schedule, my frustration to get a part-time online job as a stepping stone to flexible time, got me so hyped up. One of the most popular way of getting an online job is through I have long signed up and maintained my account but never took the time to actually "overhaul" my public profile. It actually took me some time before getting the tricks on how to get hired by oDesk employers. Finally, last week, I had several job offers and job invitations coming in my inbox and got so giddy about it! I am very thankful that as of now I have 4 ongoing contracts with different employers which require me to do article writing, blogging and writing up for website contents --- something that I really enjoy doing.

Here are some tips on how to get hired at oDesk:

1. Create a profile by putting in a valid email address and a formal photo of you.

2. Take many oDesk skills test as much as possible.

3. Do not overcharge. Given that you are newbie to oDesk, do not expect that employers will pay you $10 per hour without any experience. For beginners, it is ideal to start at $1 per hour.

4. Having a personal blog site can help you get started. If you are up for writing jobs just like me, maintain a personal blog site which you can use as a reference on the level of your writing skills, in case the employer will ask for a sample article.

5. Reply promptly. Time is gold for these people seeking employees over the internet. So, if you can check your email regularly so that you can send your response right away to potential employers, that would be better.

6. Lastly, and I will repeat, make your resume concise and glamorous by taking A LOT of oDesk skills test and scoring very well on these exams. Believe me, this is your key to numerous job offers.

So there, I hope I have helped you in my own little way especially those who are like me, finding my way to a more flexible schedule by working at home on a full time basis. I'll post some more of my experiences on oDesk. But, for now, I have to get back on writing articles!


  1. This is a very helpful post, Christine. If I could add a small tip, you should also make sure to check on your odesk account as much as possible because you might have a great job offer or an interview that can't wait since most employers wants someone whom they can communicate to most of the time.
    I've also tried odesk but eventually I got tired of having an unstable job and having lots of different employers. Applying to another new job if your task on one employer ended was a big problem for me and it was also a bit exhausting. So I decided to look for a full time online job. Luckily I got employed using the help of an awesome job site that only accepts employers who need full time staff. I just thought of sharing it to you if ever you're interested to try your luck there.

  2. Same with me, I have a nice odesk account too with lots of clients, but it was very stressful when these employer ending up your contract, you have nothing to do but to accept it and find another employer. I want to get a permanent online job even with 1 employer I am fine as long as it is full time and permanent. Can you suggest guys?

    1. Hi Jade!
      I think it is easy to find a long term odesk contract as long as you have the "technical" skills that the clients are looking for. Virtual Assistant contracts are one of the most in-demand but you must equip yourself with the necessary skills not just to satisfy the requirements of the client but to ask for a higher odesk fee, too! Make them see that you are worth every dollar. Goodluck! :)


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