Tamaraw Beach Resort Puerto Galera – A Review

Finally, my long awaited get away pushed through after a few times of rescheduling. Thanks to the long weekend break this Halloween season, my boyfriend and I was able to set foot at the Tamaraw Beach Resort in Puerto Galera. I actually recommended that we stay here at Tamaraw Beach rather than White Beach because the latter is known to be a party place and where most people go to. Unlike Tamaraw Beach which is not so crowded and the ambiance is just perfect if you want to have pure relaxation time.

Here are a few things on what I can say about Tamaraw Beach Resort in Puerto Galera:

Location: Tamaraw Beach is easily accessible from Batangas Pier -- you just book your ticket directly going to the place. Another alternative is to book a ferry ride going to the White Beach then, there is a shuttle provided by Tamaraw Beach Resort that will take you to the resort which is about 5 – 10 minutes away from White Beach.  In our case, we were about to buy tickets going to the White Beach but, I saw this ticketing booth where you can be ferried directly at Tamaraw Beach. So, we took our chance and booked our tickets priced at Php 300 (one-way). As I mentioned most people go to the White Beach so, the ferry boat docked at the White Beach first and then after the passengers got off the boat, there were only 3 of us left who were dropped off at Tamaraw Beach. Getting to Tamaraw Beach Resort is very easy and almost hassle-free.

Accommodation: Tamaraw Beach Resort seemed to be expanding because when we arrived, there are construction works on-going. They have this new and modern building which has kitchen facilities which provides you a space to cook your food. But, we booked for the native cottages which can accommodate up to 3 persons. There are 2 beds (1 double bed and 1 single bed). The bathroom was neat, nothing extravagant but I appreciated greatly the hot and cold shower. There was cable tv and air condition unit was just okay. The only problem is that these native cottages are made up of nipa and plywood thus, it gets really hot even with the air conditioning unit available especially at noon time. Over all, the native cottage at Tamaraw Beach Resort earns 3.5 out of 5 points because they can perhaps; renovate the cottages in such a way that air condition temperature will be more consistent throughout the day.

Facilities: Tamaraw Beach Resort has the basic facilities that you will need while you are on a vacation. The rooms have hot and cold shower. If you get bored and just stay on the room, they have cable tv and air conditioned rooms. They have a restaurant and bar from where you can order food. If you are chilling out at the beach they have available cabanas. If you have children with you, the resort has a playground as well. Everything you typically need is at Tamaraw Beach Resort. Wi-fi is also available in the restaurant so, if you have some errands to do like check business emails or something like that, you are assured of being reachable in the cyberworld. But, I think it’s also noteworthy to mention that electric power supply may be interrupted from time to time. So, be prepared, like in our case while we were watching a tv show the highlight scenes can sometimes be interrupted as well as the temperature in the room. Curtains in the native cottages are made up of very thin fabric which does not hold out the heat from outside. In effect the air conditioning unit was unable to maintain cold room temperature. Water sports activities are also available upon request. Overall, you can still comfortably stay in the room and all other facilities cater to almost all the age group whether you are with your friends, family, kids or whether you are there as a couple.

Food: Tamaraw Beach resort has a restaurant located in the 2nd floor. Tables are set outside the veranda so you get to have a really good view of the beach. The food was very typical, it can fill your stomach but lacks a certain “zing” for you to say that it was a delicious meal. Meal costs for breakfast, lunch and dinner is around Php 150 – 300 excluding the beverages which cost around Php 30 – 100. You have to wait for 20 minutes or so for the food serving time. It was quite slow if you are desperately hungry. The menu was very typical and comparable to that of “lutong bahay”. Food type was mostly Filipino and American dishes. 

In a nutshell, Tamaraw Beach Resort is ideally your beach resort for a short weekend getaway. The place is very peaceful and relaxing and the ambiance is just perfect. This is what made me fall in love with the place. Actually, guests in the resort were fifty percent foreign nationals – Koreans,  French, Americans and Indians. There are couples, families and a group of college students who stayed in the place. If you want to have a taste of beach party, you can easily hop on a tricycle just outside the hotel lobby and go to the White Beach. In our next stay, we might actually try for a longer vacation time and book in one of the modern room facility.

Nevertheless, it was one enjoyable short break from the busy work week. We will be back at Tamaraw Beach Resort, definitely.


  1. Hi I'm christine

    We are planning to go Puerto galera one of our chooses lodge is Tamaraw Beach resort.

    Magkano po kya ang room nila good for 4 Person.?

    Tnx :)

  2. Hi Christine!

    I think our accommodation is worth Php 3500 (for two persons) during that time. There are rooms where you can cook and all but I am not sure of the prices. You might want to check out their website. :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your vacay!

  3. hi same lang ba ang kulay ng sand sa tamarraw at sa white beach? san mas ok? parang ganda dyan kumpara sa white beach. thank you

  4. Hi Rhenchie,
    Sand is just the same. Tamaraw is really better if you are looking for a more quiet and private place.

  5. Hi Christine,

    How far is the Tamaraw Beach from White Beach? Cause we're planning to stay there but would like also to visit the white beach at night.

    1. Hi!

      As far as I remember, Tamaraw Beach Resort has a shuttle service going to White Beach. You can see white beach from the shore of Tamaraw Beach, I just don't know how many minutes is the travel time. If you're brave enough, you can cross the borderline passing through some big rocks right there on the beach. :)

    2. Hi my contact no.kpb nla?

  6. tamad lng mg reply ng mga staff sa tamaraw kht sa fb tagal din 6days na wl p reply hehe

  7. just call them directly. HIndi naman mahirap mag pa book. Tel no is on their website. Hope this helps.


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