My First Trip to Palawan: A Flashback

I remember my first ever out of town trip and it was spent at Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It was a generally good experience having to get plane tickets, booking a hotel and arranging city tour considering that I was a neophyte at all of these things. I travelled with my office buddy, Ella who was just the same as me, starting to build a career back then, July 2006. It was also that year when Cebu Pacific Airlines introduced their promo fare called "Piso Fare". I believe we only got our tickets for less than Php 2,800 (Php 2 airplane fare and all the rest are other (surcharges).

For this particular trip, we booked our tickets online via --- a matter of a few clicks here and there, you already have your airplane tickets! Next, we booked our hotel. Remembering that we are on a tight budget, we did not avail of the first class hotels in Puerto Princesa. Instead, we looked for cheaper inns and pension houses. And voila, we closed our reservation at Puerto Pension Inn, Puerto Princesa ( We did the city tour on our own by riding the tricycle around the city but, we had to book the Underground River tour at a local tourist agency which cost us around Php 1,200 for a whole day tour (rates are applicable back in July 2006).

Overall, it was definitely one of the "firsts" in my life and perhaps one of the best experience ever. True enough, it started my inclination to travel or take little vacations every year. Here are some pictures during our Puerto Princesa trip back in July 2006.


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